Sunday, July 5, 2009

Never say never

That's a favorite saying of mine. I've told our sons that many times and continue to remind our grandchildren of the same. I swore I would never get into blogging, at least not my own. I do read others but felt maintaining one would just add more time at the keyboard. I would much rather use that time to be creating something. I always love to be doing something. I just can't sit still. Any evening I will be working on a project, be it applique, punch needle or other embroidery. At other times it will be machine piecing or quilting, scrapbooking or stamping and making cards. There aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish all I would like. But then that seems to be a common "thread" that is stitched into all crafters. I hope you can visit back often and that I can share with you some of my completed or on-going projects. The quilt in the header is recently completed from a pattern by Pat Sloan in her book "Crooked Cabin Quilts", photography by me. I hope to change that out often and will link you to Pat when I figure out how.

Thanks for stopping by. And please, come again.

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aynzan said...

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